What is Canine Chiropractic?

A canine chiropractor is a chiropractor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the spine and nervous system of dogs.
Canine chiropractors focus their treatment on the detection and correction of spinal subluxations, areas of the spine where joints are misaligned, causing nerve interference and decreased health potential. The spinal nerves are the communication link between the brain and all organs and muscles in the body. Any decrease in the transmission of impulses along these nerves has a detrimental affect on a dog’s health leading to potential long term problems.
Dogs may suffer trauma to their spines due to slips and falls or rough play. They may also injure themselves jumping off of household furniture or sleeping in cramped positions. Certain sports, such as, agility or fly ball also cause undue stress and tension on the joints of its competitors. Breed characteristics may also predispose dogs to problems. For example, dogs with long backs like dachshunds can have more spinal injuries.
Small or large, active or low energy dogs – all can benefit from chiropractic care to ensure their longevity and happiness. Pets suffer from soreness, poor mobility and stiffness of joints just like their owners; however, due to their genetic history as pack animals, they are predisposed to not show weakness. Because of this, a seemingly healthy dog may not show visible signs until the problem is far advanced.
Benefits of Chiropractic Treatments
Chiropractic care for your canine friend will ensure that their health is managed in a non invasive way without the use of medication – which often does nothing more than mask the symptoms of the problem or illness.
The correction of subluxations, the misaligned vertebrae of the spine, can positively affect transmissions of the spinal nerves and decrease aberrant sensory input such as pain. Spinal adjustment helps restore proper alignment to the joints, increases lubrication to the discs and surrounding structures and decreases degeneration and break-down in the joints, which stops the early onset of arthritis. It also increases nerve supply to weak muscles allowing proper strength and support for the joints. Restoring proper nerve supply to the organs can have a beneficial affect on the internal health of an animal and can positively affect things such as digestive problems.
All dogs can benefit from regular chiropractic check ups. These range from; house pets whose greatest daily challenges involve running around the back yard chasing balls to navigating flights of stairs in the house, to performance dogs who are involved in high level competition.
How to find a Canine Chiropractor?
A proper canine chiropractor should be certified by The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) as is required in the Province of Ontario.
AVCA standards require extensive and continual post-graduate training to ensure that the professional will provide proper canine chiropractic care.
Dr. Mark Fleet has been providing services as a canine chiropractor for over 9 years and is certified with the AVCA. 
As a dog owner himself, he understands the concerns pet owners have for their four legged family members and provides the utmost care to his canine patients. He performs the treatments in a separate room in his clinic in Oakville Ontario.
For an appointment or to find out more information please visit www.drfleet.ca or call us at 905-338-1986



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